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Kim Hastings with Bart
Kim Hastings with Bart

Art 634 will hold their monthly “Second Sunday” event this Sunday from 12 to 4 pm.  Jackson School of the Arts Executive Director Kim Hastings will be hosting a comedy and magic show by Chris Clark in the JSA Ensemble Theatre at 2PM.  Artist Nancy Sunday will be displaying her paintings and pastels in the gallery and Hazelle M will continue their sale among other activities.  On April 26-27, the Jackson School of the Arts will be holding their seventh annual Fairy Festival.  Other guests:  Dr. Bill Leppert, Columbia Medical Center and MedPlus Clinics;  a visit the Cascades Elementary and Mrs. Kemler’s 2nd grade classroom;  local runner Dennis Marsh;  David Flack, promoting “Les Racquet” at JSO Hall April 26th;  Leslie Daugherty and Nikki Waldron, One Five One Restaurant.

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