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IMG_0967-LVandercook Lake @ Hanover-Horton (boys) –  The Comets (5-1) are rounding into form quite nicely. Are the ‘Hawks (5-1) for real? We’re about to find out. Easy on the pretzel salt this time. PICK: H-H

East Jackson @ Grass Lake (boys) – Compton & Long Beach together now you know you’re in trouble… Google it… PICK: EJ

Lumen Christi @ Western (boys) – Newsflash: The Titans may not be the class of the conference after getting knocked off by Harper Creek. Is there blood in the water? And why do the Western players dress up like sharks? PICK: Lumen Christi

Lumen Christi @ Western (girls) – A small puppy breaks loose from the crowd and charges the court. This raises a question: Are all puppies small? PICK: Lumen Christi

Marshall @ Northwest (boys) – Marshall is unbeaten and very, very good. Also, the movie Maze Runner was terrible. PICK: Marshall

Marshall @ Northwest (girls) – Lights, camera… showdown! The Lady Mounties (5-1 and 3-0 in the league) don’t like sharing. The Red Hawks (7-1, 3-0) are in town to steal someone’s lunch. Home court is protected. PICK: Northwest

Homer @ Concord (boys) – I like this Concord team. I also like kittens and walks on the beach. PICK: Concord

Homer @ Concord (girls) – The Lady Jackets have ruled the Big 8 for a while now, and they enjoy the view from their perch. The Homer bus, upon arrival, is pelted with snowballs. PICK: Concord

Jackson @ Lansing Eastern (boys) – This Eastern team is not very good. This J-High team is athletic, scrappy and well-coached.Combine these ingredients in a blender and you get a strange looking cookie. PICK: Jackson

Jackson @ Lansing Eastern (girls) – Jackson is coming around in league play with a pair of victories. The ‘coming around’ curve is a little wider for Eastern. PICK: Jackson

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