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Dan DuBois with Bart
Dan Dubois with Bart

Dan DuBois, Leader of “Commanding Curve”, is exploring the possibility of bringing a Frontier Baseball League team to Jackson.  Currently the group is in the first phase of market research, which includes surveying the community.  He asked viewers to visit the website, jacksonbaseball.club to take the survey and learn more about the group’s plans.  They will be hosting a World Series watch party at The Chase on Tuesday evening where more information will be available.  Other guests:  Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl;  Andy Woell, General Materials with “Builder Walk”;  Wendy Treacher, Jackson Chorale with Jackson Livesay, Children’s Choir;  Jennifer Anderson, Tammy Davis and Bonnie Rowley, YMCA of Jackson Pink Ribbon Party, Friday, October 24;  Susan Murphy, Harriet A. Myer BPW;  Dave DeBaker, movie reviews.

Today’s show replays Monday, October 20.

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