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JACKSON, MI: June 1, 2015–Jackson Coffee Co. announced today that it is sponsoring the #70 car at the Nascar Xfinity Race Series at Michigan International Speedway on June 13th.

We are thrilled to partner with DCR racing and be the primary sponsor of their #70 car at the Nascar Xfinity race at MIS.” said Brian Surgener, Jackson Coffee Co.’s President. “With the large following of Nascar fans in the Jackson area, we felt it was a great way to reach this customer base and further expose them to our brand.”

Advertising at this level is often reserved for the much larger companies. Generally it’s Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lowes, etc., on the hood of these cars, but rarely do you see a small business rise to this level of advertising. Putting the Jackson Coffee Co. logo on the hood and sides of these shiny high-powered pieces of metal, and being the primary sponsor on a Nascar car, was unthinkable until recently when the opportunity presented itself.

We have partnered with MIS in the past, but never thought being a full sponsor on a car was possible because we thought it was out of our advertising budget. However, when we started the conversation with DCR racing it led to an arrangement that was doable for both sides.” said Brian Surgener.

Working with the DCR team and driver Derrike Cope, a Daytona 500 winner, seemed like the perfect fit. Both are committed to perfecting their craft and giving 100% week after week.

We can’t think of a better team to have promoting our brand to the Jackson area and to all of Nascar-nation than Derrike Cope and their crew. This is one of Nascar’s hardest working teams, and their commitment to their sponsors and being successful on the track is second to none. It’s similar to the commitment we bring to roasting our coffee and service to our customers each day.” said Brian Surgener.

They would encourage all small businesses to consider partnering with DCR or another Nascar team, and get over the thought that their small business can’t reach this level of advertising.

Sponsoring a full race circuit would be way out of our advertising budget, but doing one race in our local community to promote our company brand was doable. We looked at the numbers, and the reach Nascar has in our community, and it all made sense for the return.” said Brian Surgener.

They hope their coffee fans will come out to MIS and check out the car, or tune into the Xfinity race on TV, and cheer on the Derrike Cope team. It will give the local community and Jackson Coffee Co. customers a sense of pride to see their local coffee supplier promoting at this level.

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