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(Note:  Story updated with new dates of July 6 to August 11)

(April 11, 2023 10:30 AM ET) Jackson College today announced receipt of a $160,000 grant to fund the Ready, Set, Jet! program, designed to help high school students transition to college.

This summer, Jackson College plans to welcome 48 students for the Ready, Set, Jet! program, with all costs – tuition, fees, housing, meal plan and more, covered by grant funds provided by the Michigan Academic Catch-Up Program and administered by the Michigan Community College Association. Students may earn nine college credits while enrolled in three courses during the five-week program that runs from July 6 through Aug. 11. Students come together as a cohort and receive academic mentoring and tutoring, participate in a community service project, take a leadership field trip, and may participate in a completion ceremony. The program provides and on-campus housing, with fun programs designed by peer mentors to keep students engaged. As students progress through Jackson College, mentors continue to provide support, helping more students complete college and graduate.

“Over the last two years, we’ve had a 100 percent completion rate for Ready, Set, Jet!” said Antoine Breedlove, director of multicultural affairs for the College. “This program is open to anyone. Some students may benefit academically from the support, while other students like the opportunity to get ahead.”

To apply for Ready, Set, Jet!, visit www.jccmi.edu/diversity-equity-belonging/ready-set-jet/. For more information, contact Breedlove at 517.990.1318.

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