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Jackson College will recognize Dr. Lewis “Keith” Yohn ‘53 as the 2018 Dr. Ethelene Jones Crockett Distinguished Alumni Award winner. Yohn is a dentist and retired University of Michigan faculty member.

Yohn appreciates the support of the Jackson community in helping him become the professional he is today. He entered the Jackson Public School system in 1942 when his father moved the family from South Bend, Ind. for a new job in Jackson, Mich. In 1949, the family moved again to Bryan, Ohio. However, Yohn stayed in Jackson because he wanted to graduate with his classmates. He worked part-time for Loud & Jackson Dairy five nights a week, Saturdays and Sundays to support himself. After compressing grades 10-12 into two years, he graduated summa cum laude from Jackson High in 1951. Lady luck was looking out for him when the Jackson Women’s City Club awarded him a two-year academic scholarship to attend Jackson Junior College.

After earning his Associate in Science in 1953, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War, serving from 1953-55. After release from the Navy, Yohn continued his education, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Bowling Green State University in 1957, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master of Science in Complete Dental Prostheses in 1963 and 1968, respectively, from the University of Michigan. He spent his career at the University of Michigan, beginning as a clinical instructor in 1963, promoted to assistant professor in 1968 and associate professor with tenure with 1975. He also operated a part-time private practice in Ann Arbor.

Professor Yohn loved teaching students how to make false teeth, partial dentures, porcelain crowns and more. His area of research study was the human jaw, specifically the movement of the lower jaw during chewing. His research has helped generations of dental students. The Journal of the American Dental Association published an article on his research in June 2016.

“Dr. Yohn distinguished himself in his career at the School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan. Jackson Junior College helped give him his start. He will be remembered by both the generations of students he taught, and the patients the dental school helped,” said Jason Valente, president of Jackson College Foundation.

He will be recognized at the annual Dr. Ethelene Jones Crockett Distinguished Alumni and Jackson College Distinguished Service Award Reception on May 2, and at the Jackson College Commencement Ceremony on May 5.  

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