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Photos of the 2nd Floor, Jackson County Tower Building.  The space was restored in 2011 to house the offices of Jackson County Treasurer, Equalization, Drain Commission and other offices.  In 2020, these office will be relocated to other areas of the building and the space will become ballroom/event space.  New offices are being built on the ground floor to accommodate the Treasurer’s offices.  Restroom facilities will be remodeled and expanded on the second floor.

The building, designed by Albert Kahn, was built in 1930 for the Union & Peoples National Bank.  The second floor, “Banking Room” was the main public area for the bank, with teller windows and open bank officer office space.

During the 2011 restoration, the original elements were preserved, including St. Genevieve rose marble in the lobby, paneled walnut wainscoating, side walls and pilasters of Italian Travertine marble.  The ceiling, twenty-eight feet in height, is slightly curved and finished in modeled plaster designs.  It had been hidden behind a drop ceiling before restoration.  The leaded windows, designed after the Davanzati Palace in Florence, Italy, have bronze work, rose tinted translucent imported glass and a shield motif.

All the restoration work was done by the Facilities Department of Jackson County.  The department is currently working on the new offices and will undertake the work required to convert the 2nd floor for ballroom use.

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