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Construction crews will close one intersection after opening another during the Dig Downtown Jackson project Monday, Aug. 31.

Consumers Energy crews are working to reroute conductors so the Jackson Street/Michigan Avenue intersection can be de-energized Monday without losing electrical service to downtown businesses. Once the intersection is de-energized, the intersection will be closed for several weeks to replace the electrical system underneath, said Troy White, city senior civil engineer.

“The Consumers Energy work to reroute conductors will be complete over the weekend,” he said. “The intersection will be closed beginning Monday, however, the intersection at Mechanic Street will have been paved and will remain open.”

Crews will repave the Mechanic Street intersection, along with the block of road between Mechanic and Francis streets, over the weekend, White said.

All electrical work for the Dig Downtown project will be done once work to replace the underground electrical system beneath the Jackson Street intersection is complete.

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