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Jackson College Jets Soccer teams, coaches and players were the recipients of several honors awarded at the end of the 2019 season.  On the men’s team, Jackson College had the MCCAA Player of the Year, Samuel Lebbie, and MCCAA Coach of the Year, Dan Bulley. 

Other honors announced this week:

Men’s Soccer

First Team All-Region:  Samuel Lebbie and Felipe Cerda (Goalkeeper)

Second Team All-Region:  Gonzalo Bocaz and Eliya Budugure

First Team All-MCCAA:  Samuel Lebbie and Felipe Cerda (Goalkeeper)

Honorable Mention All-MCCAA:  Gonzalo Bocaz, Eliya Dudugure, Payton Warner

Coach of the Year:  Dan Bulley

Player of the Year:  Samuel Lebbie

Women’s Soccer

First Team All-Region:  Cameron Kelley, Abigail Badke, Brecquel Kilgore

Second Team All-Region:  Paige Gunn, Kaskia Polek (Goalkeeper), Soloara Sheldon

First Team All-MCCAA:  Abigail Badke, Camron Kelley

Second Team All-MCCAA:  Brecquel Kilgore

Honorable Mention All-MCCAA:  Paige Gunn, Kaskia Polek (Goalkeper)

All Freshman Team:  Abigail Badke

The men’s team finished the season with a 8-6 overall record, 6-2 conference record.

The women’s team finished the season with a 8-10-1 overall record, 8-6 conference record.

Coach Dan Bulley, Coach of the Year

Ganzalo Bocaz

Felipe Cerda

Eliya Budugure

Payton Warner

Katarzyna Polek

Cameron Kelley

Abigail Badke

Brecquel Kilgor

Paige Gunn

Solara Sheldon


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