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Here is this week’s City of Jackson Construction Update:

Kibby Road:  In the past week, the contractor excavated and graded the old road bed and placed new gravel base. In those various locations where loose, soft, unstable soils were encountered, the subgrade was undercut to remove them and backfilled with engineered fill.

Concurrently, progress was made on the task to fill and grade the area where the old roadway was removed. This is the area on the north side between remaining road and the non-motorized trail. Excavated material from the undercutting of unstable soils was used to fill in the now abandoned roadbed. The goal is to have this area graded, topsoiled and seeded within the next few weeks so that grass can be established before the dry season of mid-summer arrives.

Earlier today, work to install new storm sewer commenced. Storm sewer work at the roundabout will continue through next week. Once the storm sewer is in, the roundabout will be graded and made ready for the placement of new concrete features such as curbs, sidewalks, and the island.

First Street:  In the past week, much progress was made on concrete items. By the end of the work day today, the last of the concrete curb and gutter will have been placed. Next week, the concrete crew will completed the last of the sidewalk replacement.

Progress was also made in the last week to install the new street lighting system. By the end the work day today, the new lights will be in place and operational.

Next week, the gravel base in the Franklin Street intersection area will be graded and compacted. Once this has been completed, the base course of new asphalt will be paved.

The mill to remove the surface of the remaining pavement up to Washington Avenue will arrive late next week or early the week thereafter. Once the surface is mill, the final top layer of new asphalt will be paved.

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