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Lumen Christi Catholic School  

Top 10 Students

Class of 2020

Lumen Christi Catholic School is pleased to announce the following students have officially and successfully completed the course of study and have met all graduation requirements. As they receive their High School Diploma they are officially The Class of 2020 of Lumen Christi Catholic School.

Bryce Aiuto

Branden Barton

Rebecca Berkemeier

Kaleb Boyce

Sierra Bradley

Catriana Carroll

Jacob Clark

Mikayla Clifford

Bode Corbin

Paige Cram

Caleigh Crandall

Allison Denman

Brady Domschot

Angela Donnelly

Ross Dzierwa

Riley Eaker

Marcia Espino-Castro

Erin Fors

Samuel Frantzis

Jane Freeman

Colin Fremeau

Megan Gibson

Caden Gregory

Jelani Harbor

Lucas Henderson

Anjuli Hendrickson

Blair Hendrickson

Gene Hendrickson

Madelyn Jones

Mark Kalahar

Ellery Keene

Carson Kelley

Jack Kelley

Molly King

Chloe Kirchmeier

Luke Konkle

Kathryn Lathers

Timothy Lefere

Jane Lincoln

Mary Marburger

Cloe Martines

Sophia McCully

Connor McIntire

Gavin Melnick

Elisa Melville

Evan Michner

Brendan Miller

Isabelle Norman

Patrick O’Dowd

Ayrianna Ohlendorf

Cynthia Ortega-Pineda

Logan Page

Emma Pelletier

Tyler Penn

Veronica Piotrowski

Walker Plate

Thomas Putman

Nicholas Ratchford

Jackson Reese

Kevin Salazar

Matthew Saunders

Stephanie Scarpino

Jordyn Schonhard

Katherine Schonhard

Emily Sierakowski

Keegan Smith

Conor Spencer

Elizabeth Spencer

Gregory Stechschulte

Caroline Stevens

Allie Sweeney

Johnny Teachout

Ethan Trochlil

Jordan Vannest

Connie Walker

Gavin Warner

Zachary Whitton

Casey Williams

Brendan Wilson

Lauren Wisniewski

Chishun Wong

Tinghui Zhao

Lumen Christi Catholic School celebrates the Class of 2020

The Jackson Lumen Christi Catholic School Class of 2020 was celebrated on Thursday, July 30th in an intimate graduation mass held at Our Lady of Fatima Church.  Lumen Christi honored 87 seniors in this year’s graduating class.

Lumen Christi Chaplain, Father Brian Lenz, presided over the mass with clergy from several Jackson area Catholic parishes joining in celebration.  As each senior’s name was read and they processed across the front of the church, they received an individual blessing from Fr. Lenz and Principal Stephanie Kristovic presented each student in attendance with a white rose. Principal Stephanie Kristovic said about the event: “We are always so proud of each graduating class of Lumen Christi.  This class in particular was challenged to learn patience, compassion, resilience, and love, and they will carry these lessons with them as they go forth in the world to do the work of God.  This ceremony reflected these lessons with a focus on family and faith.  We know our graduates will shine Lumen Christi’s light brightly in their successes and good works for years to come!”

Because of the allowance for religious observances in the Governor’s orders, the administration, faculty, and staff, were able to host the Class of 2020 along with several guests in the church at 25% capacity.  Families were seated together, observed six feet or more of social distancing, and wore masks for the entire event. 

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