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(from left to right) Jessica Webb, Education and Communications Specialist at Michigan Community Credit Union, with Jessica Crandell, Northwest Elementary Visual Arts Educator.

Michigan Community Credit Union is pleased to announce that their quarterly Forward Thinking Grant has been awarded to Northwest Elementary School for their NWEL Can’t Wait to Create program. The program consist of visual arts to achieve a higher academic achievement in core content areas, such as vocabulary, writing comprehension in Language Arts, and to create a deeper understanding of spatial skills and relationships in math. Not only will this program teach academics, it will teach important life skills, like perseverance through tough tasks, developing stamina, and develop courage to take intellectual risks and try new ideas.

“Michigan Community Credit Union is happy to help fund projects with our Forward Thinking Grant throughout multiple counties,” said Jessica Webb, Education and Communication Specialist of the credit union. “The program helps educational ideas and projects become reality through financial assistance.” To qualify, projects or ideas must be educationally related and enrich the lives of students/participants. Funding examples include: classroom materials, special educational or enrichment programs, playground or recreational equipment, library or media materials, special speakers or assemblies, etc. Additionally, the project or idea must provide a benefit to a significant portion of Michigan Community Credit Union’s membership or potential membership and/or the communities in which they live.

For an application or to learn more about Michigan Community Credit Union’s Forward Thinking Grant, contact our Marketing Department at 517.787.2060, ext. 3722 or e-mail jessica@micommunitycu.com. Completed applications may be returned via e-mail or postal mail. Deadlines for consideration are the end of each fiscal quarter: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

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