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Nearly 60 Graduate From Concord High School

Kayleigh Cook, left, of Concord High School gets a helping hand prior to receiving her diploma at Concord High School.  Photo by Jeff Steers, JTV News.

By Jeff Steers
JTV News

In a year that is abnormal, members of the 2020 Concord High School participated in an outdoor graduation ceremony on Sunday.

Only this one was not on a football field.

Members of the CHS class of 2020 participated in a drive-by diploma ceremony and parade on May 31. That was the original date scheduled for graduation ceremonies.

The COVID-19 pandemic closed school for the 2019-2020 year in April. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer closed schools nearly two months early because of the coronavirus.

She has allowed for meetings for groups of only 10 people. Nobody is quite sure when large gatherings will be allowed in Michigan or around the United States.

Members of the CHS class of 2020 drove up to the graduate stand in front of Concord High School. He/she was announced as a graduate and then proceeded to the parade.

Hundreds cheered on the graduates along the parade route in Concord.

A live video simulcast was held during the 85-minute ceremony.

A replay of the simulcast can be seen at https://youtu.be/MNNf3wj7QvI.

Producers of the graduation ceremony said there will be a broadcast of the ceremony that includes the band, speeches, and the diploma ceremony.

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