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Funday's Family Fun Cafe Jackson Michigan

By Alexandra Cash                                                              (Courtesy Photo)

Staff Writer

As temperatures are beginning to rise, students in Jackson County will be gearing up for spring break. With a week off from school, parents may be looking for interesting things to keep their child busy and entertained for the week of vacation. For those staying in Jackson, look no further than Funday’s Family Fun Café.

April 2nd, marks the first year of business for Funday’s. Owners Jenny and Drew Cochran have enjoyed their first year of business and learned a lot this past year.

“It’s been fun, exciting, satisfying and overwhelming all at the same time! It’s been a rollercoaster ride and we’ve been learning a ton about what works well, what doesn’t, what we need to change and what we could add into the mix,” said Jenny.

This spring break, Funday’s will be expecting lots of children excited to play. Their indoor play space is equipped with a 40-foot double decker play structure, special places for toddlers and babies, an artist’s corner, and a space for reading books. Funday’s can feed any appetite with a fully stocked café with salad, sandwiches, and soups. Pizza is usually reserved for parties at Funday’s, but over spring break they will have cheese and pepperoni slices available.

In addition to enjoying the play space over spring break, children can celebrate their birthday at Funday’s. They offer standard or themed birthday parties, complete with food, decorations, entertainment and clean-up.

Funday’s Family Fun Café is located in the Summit Oaks shopping plaza at 2151 Ferguson Road suite 104. Business hours are 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days per week. They provide a place for children to play and parents to relax in a social place outside of their home.

“It’s really satisfying see so many families come in and spend time together,” said Jenny.

Alexandra Cash is a Jackson native with a passion for world travel, culture, lifetime learning, and adventure. Visit her website to read stories of her adventures at alexandracash.com or view her videos on YouTube at Alexandra Cash – Cash’s Corner.

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