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Judi Ganton and Abby Briggs
Judi Ganton and Abby Briggs

Rehearsals and planning for the Miss Jackson County Teen USA and Miss Jackson County RoseQueen Pageants are underway.  The two scholarship pageants will be presented the weekend of August 22 and 23 at the Western High School Performing Arts Center.  Information and tickets are available here.  Sponsor Judi Ganton, Lloyd Ganton Retirement Centers with her candidate Abby Briggs shared the details of the two pageants and invited viewers to attend.  Other guests:  Patrick Little, East Jackson Schools Superintendent;  Ray and Kelly Hines, MVP Sports Store;  Don Everett, Civil War Muster re-enactor;  Melissa Callison and Stefanie Riggs, United Way Women’s Leadership Council;  Fran Adams, First United Methodist Church’s “Back to School Blast, August 20.

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