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Kelli Hoover with Bart
Kelli Hoover with Bart

Jackson Public Schools voters will be asked to support the renewal of the Recreation Millage on August 5th.  Kelli Hoover, Director of Jackson Parks and Recreation said the Jackson Recreation Department services over 100,000 youth, adults and seniors a year through their parks, facilities and recreation programs. Those programs are funded by a recreation millage accessed on property value, approved by a vote of the people once every ten years. This year, the millage is up for reauthorization.   Complete details on the millage and recreation programs can be found at www.playjackson.org.  Other guests:  Collin Cote, Jackson Area Association of Realtors President and MLS President Debbie Crownover;  John Polzczyk, County Commissioner;  Jackson Community Federal Credit Union President (and Rose Festival board member) Jim Francis with RoseQueen candidate Courtney Clark and Miss Teen USA candidate Veronica Cousino;  Scott Vitale, Childrenz Challenge;  Ric Walton, The Walton Insurance Group.

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