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Sheriff Steve Rand with Bart
Sheriff Steve Rand with Bart

Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand provides an update on this week’s snowstorm and record cold temperatures and the response by government.  A number of accidents have been reported and several vehicles abandoned on roadways.  The sheriff praised crews for their fast response in snow removal and provisions for citizen safety.  A wind chill advisory remains in effect through 9am Wednesday with dangerous cold and strong winds expected.  Other guests:  City council members Derek Dobies and Andrew Frounfelker, organizing Jackson Snow Squad;  Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka;  Meet the JTV Staff with Larry Jacobson and Gary Binkowski, JTV Account Managers;  Grand River Marketplace winemaker Blake Kownacki.  In addition to winemaking, Blake will be conducting ballroom dancing classes starting this month at Grand River Marketplace.  Registration is encouraged at 517-962-2427.

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