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With winter finally behind us (fingers crossed!), it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.  Smart Commuting is a great way to get that body moving after a long cold winter!  Each summer, hundreds of people in Jackson are walking, biking and riding transit during Smart Commute – a community wide celebration encouraging everyone to try a healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly way to get to their destination. 

Calling All Commuters

Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or enjoying a fun, family outing; leave your car at home, get active and challenge yourself to find a greener and healthier alternative.  As an individual commuter,  team member or Corporate Challenge competitor, Smart Commute will show you how much fun getting to your destination can be and participation is easy: 

  • Register yourself or a team today! (The first 500 people get a cool t-shirt)
  • Join the Corporate Challenge for some friendly competition
  • Enjoy walking, biking & riding public transportation this summer (May-August) 
  • Participate in fun Smart Commute and partner events (we’ve got some great ones planned!)
  • Achieve your goals by tracking your activity!

Join us on the third Friday of each month for some of our most popular Smart Commute events as well as some fantastic new ones!  Save these dates to your calendar and get active this summer:   

May 15 – Morning Meet-Ups, Rally Ride, Meet the Bus

June 19 – Paddle to Work, Downtown Dog Days

July 17 – Fit City Tour, High Heel Bike Ride

August 21 – Falling Waters Trail Ride, Awards Lunch

We’re looking forward to sharing a great Smart Commute season with you. 

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