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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to ride your bike around town to get to your destination? Are you nervous about traffic or parking your bike? Have you ever tried walking to work?  What about taking the bus for once to save on gas. If you have ever done these things or have yet to try now is the time to join us!

The Smart Commute program is a community-wide celebration in encouraging community members to find a cheaper, greener, and healthier way to get to their destination. The 2015 Smart Commute kicked off on Friday, May 15 with several options to Smart Commute:  Morning Meet-Up Stations with a light breakfast,  The Rally Ride with community leaders and smart commuters and “Meet the Bus” at the downtown transfer station.

The JTV Smart Commute team had complete participation and looks forward to re-capturing the team championship at the end of the summer.

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