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(September 28, 2022 3:33 PM) Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist visited Jackson College on Tuesday for a tour of the facilities and an update on the College’s educational efforts.

Meeting with Jackson College trustees, President Dan Phelan, administration, faculty and staff during a walking tour of the campus, Gilchrist visited Student Services, the Center for Student Success, and the Multicultural Center in Bert Walker Hall, the Health Laboratory Center with three learning labs and the Dental Clinic, the Oasis and the Health Clinic. The tour ended at the new STEAM Factory (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), which will soon house advanced manufacturing/industry 4.0 as well as art and graphic design.

“I appreciate the invitation and I’m really proud to be able to come and spend some time on campus,” Gilchrist said. “Our hope, the Governor and I, is to enable people to see more pathways to college. I think a college like Jackson College uniquely embodies that. In particular, I’m impressed with the investments in student success. It’s important to recognize that there are many reasons why people don’t finish college, then to find ways to meet all of those needs so that people have more reasons to finish than not to finish.”

President Daniel Phelan added that under the guidance of the College Board of Trustees, student success has been made a priority. “They want to make sure that every student in the region has the opportunity to get an education. That every student has the opportunity to succeed and has the same kind of experience in terms of equipment and in terms of facilities as any other college student.”

Gilchrist hopes to continue hearing the stories of Jackson College students’ success, and how they have benefited from the resources available to complete college. In state government, making the case for budget allocations and spending is always critical, so hearing student stories is vital. As the state plans for its future workforce, this Governor has prioritized education in budget proposals. 

“One of the things we should not compromise on at this moment in our history when we are seeking to build the kinds of institutions and infrastructure that will build the human capital that we need to carry the state forward to the next generation,” Gilchrist said. “We must make those investments.”

Jackson College has benefitted from state capital outlay dollars in renovating several campus buildings. President Phelan will again this year seek funding for further improvements designed to boost STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Having the lieutenant governor visit is exciting for the campus, he noted. “For Jackson College to have the lieutenant governor visit, to see the good things happening here, it is an honor.”

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist with STEAM Lab Instructor Al Rossner.

President Phelan with Lt. Gov. Gilchrist

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist (center) with (l-r) Pres. Phelan, Board of Trustees members Phil Hoffman, Sheila Patterson, John Crist, Donna Lake and Chris Simpson.  Photos courtesy Jackson College.

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