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Stockbridge High School instructor Bob Richards with seniors Buck Poszywak and Jenny Spink

The Stockbridge High School Advanced Underwater Robotics Team displayed their ROV on today’s show.  The goal of their project is to design, build and deploy an underwater ROV to the Republic of Palau and search for the last remaining missing B24 shot down in Palau during August of 1944.  They are headed to the South Pacific in late March and are welcoming contributions.  Details on their Facebook page.  Instructor Bob Richards and students Buck Poszywak and Jenny Spink represented the team.  Other guests include State Representative Earl Poleski;  Cindy Lyons and Melissa Weaver from the Jackson Area Career Center;  Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Erik Smith and Gregory Bentle with the Restaurant Rally.

Update:  This episode of The Bart Hawley Show will air again on Tuesday, February 26.

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