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Michelle White and Jim Brian
Michelle White and Jim Brian

Michelle White, Coordinator of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative with the Jackson County Health Department and United Way Director of Communication Jim Brian delivered  an update on the community’s TPPI progress.  Since forming in 2006, teen pregnancy has declined by more than 40% and more than 100 presentations have been made to school and teen groups.  The Initiative is supported by the United Way, which is gearing up for the 2013-14 campaign kickoff on September 6.  Other guests:  Paragon Charter Academy Principal Zach Perfitt;  American Red Cross Executive Director LeeAnn Kendall and volunteer Jim Ducey;  “Money Matters” with Jeff Matzen from Matzen Financial;  Moose Family Center’s Bertha Curl, Linda Reasoner and Linda Ritter;  Pet of the Week with Kathy Brafford, Cascades Humane Society.

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