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Coach Tony Dungy is Jackson’s favorite sports legend, an accomplished athlete, a Super Bowl winning coach, and a respected and recognized sports commentator. But, more importantly, Tony Dungy is a committed husband and father. It’s his life experience of marriage and family, detailed in the best-selling bookUncommon Marriage, co-authored with his wife Lauren, which he’ll share with attendees at a special MMJ evening event April 24th.

“Marriage Matters Jackson is thrilled to host Tony Dungy,” exclaims Shelby Raines,
MMJ Executive Director. “He’s a local hero, a national sports figure, and an overall
good guy and class act!”

Tony and Lauren Dungy have known the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They fell in love, built a family, and made sports history when Tony became the first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl. Yet they’ve also gone through difficult, relationship-testing setbacks, including job loss and devastating personal tragedy.

In a culture where it seems harder and harder to make marriage last, the Dungys found a way to stay strong. In Uncommon Marriage, the couple share how they grow together, and reveal what they’ve learned so far about being a good husband and wife, getting through loss, grief, and change, staying connected despite busy schedules, supporting dreams and goals, and helping each other develop spiritually. Coach Dungy will bring his stories and lessons of marriage from the book’s pages to the Michigan Theatre stage with his own engaging style.

Tony Dungy comes from a place of faith, but his insight is helpful for all marriages. His message features encouragement, and showcases practical advice to equip couples to survive tough issues and flourish with joy, purpose, and partnership… in other words, to build marriages that are truly uncommon.

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