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This is the weekly Kibby Road construction update for April 27, 2018.

In the past week, the contractor has worked to place new gravel base in those sections of roadway where the existing curbs are to remain. These are the areas outside of the Denton Road intersection and the soon-to-be constructed roundabout. Gravel placement was done concurrently with the task of grading for new curb to connect curbs to the intersection at West Avenue and to fill in gaps left by the old islands in the old boulevard. Gravel placement and grading for curb will continue through next week.

Next week, new precast concrete manhole, catch basin and storm sewer pipe sections will be delivered. Immediately upon their receipt, a second crew that specializes in underground pipe installation will arrive to construct the storm water drainage system at the roundabout. This will take about a week to complete once.

The following week, the week of May 7th, a concrete crew is scheduled to arrive to place new curbs and complete the last sections of the non-motorized path between the City Limits and Denton Road.

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