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Ten College Football Programs That Used to Matter


By Larry Jacobson, JTV Sports

 -1.    Tennessee                      73-14 from 1995-2001                      24-32 last 4 years.

*        The Vols won the first BCS Championship in 1998 but have been lost in space since Phil Fulmer left.

– 2.   Colorado                        78-15 from 1989-1996                      23-55 last 6 years.

*        Under former Michigan Man Bill McCartney, this team produced bowl wins and NFL draft picks with abandon for almost a decade. Now, they’re bottom feeders in the Pac-12.

-3.     SMU                              41-5  from 1981-1985                      37-58 last 7 years.

*        The Pony Express suffered the NCAA’s Death Penalty after their great run, which kids today know nothing about unless they watch ESPN’s ’30 for 30.’ The talk now is that they may soon disband the program again – this time for being so bad.

-4.     Michigan                        41-8 from 1997-2001                        18-15 last 3 years.

*        Lloyd Carr’s run, which included a national title in 1997, ended with a bowl win over Florida a few years ago. From Rich Rod to Brady Hoke, mediocrity has reigned to the point where they are no longer even in contention for league titles. Another regime change is coming.

-5.     Florida                           57-10 from 2005-2009                      35-29 last 4 years.

*        The Gators lost footing in the tough SEC so quickly no one’s even sure what happened. Will Muschamp is out at season’s end, right? Remember when NO ONE went into The Swamp and won? Gators lost 42-13 at home to Missouri last weekend. Where have you gone, Tim Tebow?

-6.     Washington                             58-14 from 1979-1984                      44-52 last 7 years.

*        The Huskies won a share of the national title in 1991 and made annual Rose Bowl trips. It’s been tough going for a long time now.

-7.     Texas                                       101-16 from 2001-2009                    33-25 last 4 years.

*        Mack Brown’s decline and a coaching change have left the Longhorns treading water the last few years.

-8.     Iowa                               31-7 from 2001-2004                        24-21 last 3 years.

*        Hawkeye fans couldn’t get enough of Kirk Ferentz during their big run, but they’ve settled into mediocrity recently, focusing more on how an easy schedule might give them a chance at a big year. Ouch.

-9.     West Virginia                 70-20 from 2005-2011                      11-14 last 2 years.

*        Rich Rodriguez had this team on the cusp of national glory before leaving for Michigan and crashing. RR is recovering in the Arizona desert – the Mountaineers are still waiting.

-10.   Penn State                      61-11 from 1977- 1982                     35-21 last 5 years.

*        We all know the story here. The Lions have done pretty well keeping their heads above water, but on a national stage they’re no longer a player.

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