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Chucky B

Well, the high school football season is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Some buffoon with access to a website and a key board is going to tell everyone how all of the games are going to turn out. This year, that buffoon is me – yours truly: Chucky Buckles.

So, without further delay and with no regard to the final score or common sense, here’s one man’s glance into the crystal ball for week one…

DUNDEE @ GRASS LAKE– Interesting Week 1 matchup because both teams are perennial playoff contenders. The Vikings are late arrivals due to a summer clearance sale at Cabella’s and they never recover. PICK: GRASS LAKE

NAPOLEON @ COLUMBIA CENTRAL: Both teams are hungry for a bounce-back season after struggling last year with two combined wins (both Columbia Central’s.) The Eagles start the season off right. PICK: COLUMBIA CENTRAL

ONSTED @ MICHIGAN CENTER: The Onsted team bus gets wedged under the overhang at Rudy’s Drive-In on the way into town, causing a lack of focus. The Cardinals take advantage. PICK: MICHIGAN CENTER

NORTHWEST @ HILLSDALE: I feel good about Coach Slater’s Mounties this year and they’ll ride the emotional high of the girls’ basketball team’s success last winter. Also, Hillsdale lost a TON of good players from last year’s outstanding team. This could be a huge early win for Northwest. SURPRISE PICK: NORTHWEST

DANSVILLE @ EAST JACKSON: The Aggies won big last year in this one (53-32) and look to make it two in a row. If they can stay away from the snacks at The Dome, they’ll get the job done. PICK: DANSVILLE

CONCORD @ HANOVER-HORTON: Whoever is favored in this one usually loses. This year it’s… hmmmm…. Concord? Wait, so does that mean they’ll lose? PICK: CONCORD

VANDERCOOK LAKE @ SPRINGPORT: JTV Sportscaster Bill Boyer got lost at Springport last year while wandering around the gym. He’s discovered in a cornfield eating rice pudding. This rallies the Spartans to an early win. PICK: SPRINGPORT

LUMEN CHRISTI @ BUCHANAN: The Titans rally around Herb Brogan’s new travel slogan: If we have to drive this far, we might as well win the game. PICK: LUMEN CHRISTI

WEST BLOOMFIELD @ JACKSON: The Scott Farley era at Jackson High gets off to a good start with an impressive non-league win. PICK: JACKSON

LAKE ODESSA @ WESTERN: Lake Odessa gets held up in construction on the way into town and then gets confused by the new bleacher set-up at Western. This is way too much to overcome and the Panthers reward Coach Mifsud with his first win. PICK: WESTERN

Editor’s Note:  Larry Jacobson (Chucky) is a buffoon who only picks the games based on the team’s colors.  We will keep track of his record throughout the year to see how bad he does.  

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