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Dahlem has partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to plant seeds and forbs at the Wickwire field off Wickwire Road in Summit Township to restore the grassland ecosystem. Native grasses and wildflowers are being planted to establish diversity and beauty of the landscape, furnish food and cover for wildlife, and control erosion.

Wildflower and grasses provide year-round, low growing protective cover from predators and the weather. The grass and flower seed provide food for birds and small mammals; as well as nectar and pollen for pollinating insects.

These areas also provide food for grazers and important areas for insect production. Most of Michigan’s threatened and special concern species inhabit these areas that we desperately need restored. Dahlem is doing its part by taking a row crop field and restoring it to its historic state as grassland. This is the second of several major land conservation and stewardship projects scheduled at Dahlem in 2015.


Sidehill seep
Sidehill seep
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