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Matt Desmarais and Collin Soltis
Matt Desmarais and Collin Soltis

The Jackson Citizen Patriot’s Youth Citizen of the Year, Michigan Center High School senior Collin Soltis visited the show along with his Leadership teacher Matt Desmarais.  Collin volunteers as a Big Brother, reading mentor and volunteer at the district’s elementary schools and at Lyle Torrant Center.   He is also active in his church and organizes an annual prom fashion show for students needing help at prom season.  Other guests:  State Representative Earl Poleski;  Shawna Tello and Mailynn  Pratt, Jackson YMCA;  Audrey Dean, Kids N Stuff Children’s Museum with Kelly Burr, Shop Rat;  Carrie Joers and Sheryl Amburgey, Art 634.

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