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(April 12, 2021 6:47 PM)  Last week, crews continued building temporary shoulder widenings and the new westbound I-94 bridge over West Avenue. Additionally, crews continued to tackle a large peat excavation and swamp backfill operation where the new westbound I-94 roadway will be near the US-127/M-50 interchange.

During the coming weeks, the contractor will continue building the new bridge and will be shifting eastbound and westbound I-94 onto the outside shoulders from Airport Road to West Avenue to build temporary crossovers for future stages of work. Additionally, they will be shifting northbound and southbound US-127/M-50 in the coming weeks to build the median crossover that will be used for future traffic maintenance on US-127/M-50.

Traffic maintenance for this upcoming week will include:

The northbound US-127/M-50 ramp to westbound I-94 being closed, as well as one lane being closed on both northbound and southbound US-127/M-50 from Sparks Street to Springport Road. Nighttime single-lane closures will be in place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week on westbound and eastbound I-94. Shoulder closures with a reduced speed zone will remain in place along eastbound and westbound I-94 from Airport Road to Dettman Road.

 For more information about the I-94 project, go to www.Michigan.gov/I94Jackson.

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