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(April 30, 2021 5:24 PM)  The Jackson County Health Department has released its weekly COVID-19 Update and is published here:

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to trend down in Michigan and in Jackson County, although the number of cases remain high as seen by the data provided on the MI Safe Start Map.  The groups with the highest cases continue to be the younger individuals including 0-19 year olds, 20-29 year olds and 50-59 year olds. The CDC has issued new guidelines for gatherings based on vaccine status.  This week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, through her “MI Vacc to Normal” plan, stressed the importance of increasing vaccine numbers in our state, using milestones to guide a pathway to return back to normal operations.  This would include increased capacity in venues such as restaurants, stadiums, conference centers, exercise facilities, as well as returning workers to the office.

Schools are currently scheduling graduation events and proms, while working to maintain safe guidelines for their students, staff and guests, as recommended by the state in the latest end of school year recommendations distributed on April 27, 2021.  The health department continues to work with our local schools to assist in preparing and planning for these events.

Vaccine Information

The Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine has been carefully reviewed by the CDC and FDA and is once again available in our community.  J&J, a one shot series, is still a great vaccine choice for many who do not want to take multiple shots or who may have difficulty with scheduling options. There are some important considerations when choosing to get vaccinated:

  • The COVID vaccine cannot give you COVID, but some people have experienced side effects from the vaccine that may last from one to several days.
  • The COVID vaccine will decrease the severity of illness if one becomes infected from COVID and keep you from getting a fatal case of COVID (reduce death rate).
  • The COVID vaccine will not be completely effective until two weeks after the completion of the dose series (2 shots – Moderna & Pfizer and one shot – J&J).
  • The COVID vaccine will decrease isolation for those who have been concerned about becoming infected with COVID, and allow them to move more freely in the community and interact with their relatives who have also been vaccinated.
  • The COVID vaccine continues to be carefully reviewed and studied.  At this time, there is evidence that vaccines increase resistance to COVID-19 variants that are circulating in Michigan.  Additionally, there is evidence that vaccinated individuals are less likely to pass on COVID-19 viruses to others.

COVID vaccines are easy to schedule through multiple sites as listed below. Everyone aged 16 and older is encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  If you have specific questions related to obtaining the vaccine, you are encouraged to talk with your health care provider.  The JCHD encourages all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  The health department is working with Henry Ford Allegiance Health (HFAH), Center for Family Health (CFH), local churches and schools, as well as pharmacies to distribute the vaccine throughout the community and provide easy access locations for everyone. To sign up for one of these clinics: visit or call

If you do not have internet access or need assistance registering for a vaccine, please ask a friend or family member to help, or contact the health department for additional guidance.  Additionally, please visit vaccinefinder.org for additional clinic information.

Current Trends in Jackson County:

The JCHD continues to work with local health partners to vaccinate homebound individuals.   Homebound individuals who are interested in a COVID-19 vaccine, please contact Disability Connections at (517) 998-3084, Region 2 Area on Aging at (517) 592-1976 or the Jackson County Department on Aging at (517) 788-4364.

The Jackson County Health Department will be hosting “pop-up” vaccine clinics at various locations in Jackson County, which will be on a walk-in basis.  The first one will be held at Lowe’s on Friday, April 30, with others to be scheduled in the near future.  Please watch our Facebook page, as well as our website, for announcements of these upcoming clinics.

In order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, residents are encouraged to continue preventative measures as recommended by the CDC, which includes frequently washing your hands, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance when around others.


Jackson County Health Department reports the following data as of April 30, 2021. This information is also available on the Michigan Vaccine Dashboard  which is updated daily (M-F) by 3:00 p.m.


COVID case numbers in Jackson County compared to the State of Michigan:


The COVID-19 variants continue to circulate in our community. There is evidence that the B.1.1.7 is the most prevalent COVID-19 strain spreading in Michigan.

Additional Resources

Jackson County Health Department Webpage

State of Michigan Vaccination and Prioritization Strategy


Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Information Page

JCHD COVID Information phone line – (517) 817-4469

Contact JTV News.  Do you have information or news to share?  Do you have any questions or do you need resources? 

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