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Northwest’s Courtney Forner Honored for STEM Education and Innovation in Michigan

Pictured left to right: Caleb Coon, Lora Wallich, Scott Heister, Meg Wallace, Cortney Forner.  Photo courtesy JD Scott Photography. (March 15, 2024 12:34 PM ET) Courtney Forner, STEM Teacher at Northwest Early Elementary, was named MiSTEM Region 2 STEM Integration Educator of the Year by the MISTEM Network, region 2. The MiSTEM Network team in region 2 – covering southeast and southcentral Michigan announced the award for Courtney Forner and two other educators at their 5th Annual Recognition Ceremony. Awardees were selected for their commitment to cultivating a vibrant STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ecosystem in Michigan. The event served as a closing ceremony for the 2024 STEAM Week hosted by Washtenaw Community College. “The recognition ceremony is an annual opportunity to acknowledge the key role educators and community partners in the region play in preparing students for successful STEM careers,” said Megan Schrauben, MiSTEM Network executive director. “Awardees help advance MiSTEM‘s mission to create a vibrant STEM ecosystem in our state as we empower educators and the next generation of innovators.” Educators who were nominated for the awards were required to be a full-time K-13 educator in the MiSTEM Region 2 area with at least half of their…

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