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North Announces for Congress

Jackson resident Doug North has announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress, 7th District.  His campaign will focus on job creation and the economy;  he will face the incumbent Tim Walberg in the August Republican primary.  Details on his platform are on his website here.  Other guests:  American 1 Teen Idol contestant Tyler Bennett;  Kelly Hatler, CP Federal Credit Union, with "Care2Share" award winners Katey Anderson, Nicholas Ford, Bradley Hendrick and Renae Kutcha;  John Voelz, Westwinds Community Church Music Director.

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Harness Racing Returning to Jackson

Jackson County Administrator Mike Overton and Deputy Administrator Adam Brown anticipate harness racing will be returning to the Jackson County Fairgrounds as early as this fall.  A contract has been signed with Jackson Raceway, LLC., which is owned by Brett Boyd, former president of Michigan Harness Horsemen's Association.   Various state-level approvals will be required before racing and wagering can begin.  Other guests:  Noah Nagy and Paige Rochefort, Thought One Scholarship Fund;  American 1 Teen Idol contestant Celia Napoletano;  Congressman Tim Walberg;  Dave DeBaker, entertainment correspondent.

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Master Plan Update

City Councilwoman Laura Schlecte reported on the recent forums being conducted on the master plan process.  Citizens have listed parks, jobs and downtown as areas that planners should focus on.  Other guests:  Amy Reimann, Executive Director, Ella Sharp Museum;  Cheri Szilvagi, The Natural Cottage;  Singer/Guitarist Rick Straub;  Mark Cesarz, Queens Knights of Columbus;  Brian Surgener and Mason Surgener, Jackson Coffee Co. Drawings of the Month.

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Downtown Park Gets Approval

Jackson Mayor Jason Smith and the City Council voted to go ahead with the construction of a new downtown park on the site of the former Consumers Energy headquarters at 212 West Michigan Avenue.  A contract was awarded at last  night's meeting for the $640,000 project which is expected to be completed by October 1st.  Other guests:  Geremy Burns, Director of the Jackson Youth Center with Heather Wilson, Executive Director, Youth Arts Alliance;  American 1 Teen Idol contestant Sydney Conner;  Grass Lake Traffic Jam'In with Joe DeBoe, Rick Mead and Lexie Mead;  Pet of the Week with Sue Lovell, Cascades Humane Society.

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New Assistant Chief Named

Jackson Fire Department Chief Dave Wooden introduced newly named Assistant Chief Chris Ermatinger on today's show.  Ermatinger is an 18 year veteran of the department.  Other guests:  Tim Niyorsenga, Housing Specialist, Region 2 Area on Aging;  Jessica Lutz, American 1 Credit Union with Teen Idol contestant Chelsea Mazur;  JAXJAM Camp participants Victor McDermott, Terri McGarry, Mackenzie Moran and Logan Moran;  George Webster, P&T Fitness, "Mick Webster Memorial Ride", Saturday, June 28th.

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Today’s Guests

Guests on today's show:  State Representative Earl Poleski;  a tour of the new Summit Branch of the Jackson YMCA;  Phil Wrzesinski, Toys of the Month with Michael Levins, Chairman, American Specialty Toy Retailing Association;  Lindsey Edwards, Gerdau;  Gary Jones, Park Manager, Waterloo Recreation Area.

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Recreation Millage August 5th

Jackson Public Schools voters will be asked to support the renewal of the Recreation Millage on August 5th.  Kelli Hoover, Director of Jackson Parks and Recreation said the Jackson Recreation Department services over 100,000 youth, adults and seniors a year through their parks, facilities and recreation programs. Those programs are funded by a recreation millage accessed on property value, approved by a vote of the people once every ten years. This year, the millage is up for reauthorization.   Complete details on the millage and recreation programs can be found at www.playjackson.org.  Other guests:  Collin Cote, Jackson Area Association of Realtors President and MLS President Debbie Crownover;  John Polzczyk, County Commissioner;  Jackson Community Federal Credit Union President (and Rose Festival board member) Jim Francis with RoseQueen candidate Courtney Clark and Miss Teen USA candidate Veronica Cousino;  Scott Vitale, Childrenz Challenge;  Ric Walton, The Walton Insurance Group.

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Cascades Falls Fundraising to Begin

Jackson County Parks Board President Mike Way and Trustee Mike Rand reported on the planned fundraising project for the restoration of the Cascades Falls.  It is estimated $9.5 million will be needed to make needed improvements and repairs, with the first planned project to remove the wall and amphitheater.   Other guests:  Andrew French, Board President, Kids N Stuff Children's Museum with Donisha Brewer, Director of Operations;  Bart and Ric visit the Toy House for Summer Fun with Phil Wrzesinski;  Steve Tucker, Ella Patio Party performer;  Irene Albarran, Sacred Heart Chapel.

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Anchor Initiative Update

Consumers Energy Vice President of Customer Experience, Rates & Regulation Patti Poppe and Commonwealth Associates President and CEO Dennis DeCosta updated viewers on the progress of the Anchor Initiative.  The Woolworth Building, which will serve as the Anchor Initiative Headquarters and Consumers Energy's Innovation Center will have a conceptual design completed next month and targeted opening has been set for May, 2015.  DeCosta noted three of the Anchor partners (Consumers Energy, Commonwealth Associates and Allegiance Health) were heavily influenced by the two Foote brothers who came to Jackson more than a century ago to create a street lighting company.  He observed all three companies are now coming together to create a new positive legacy.  Other guests:  Tony Curtis, Principal, Rehman with RoseQueen candidate Bree Arkles;  Rod Malloy, Executive Director, Dahlem with singer/guitarist (and JTV SoundWave host) Victor McDermott; a visit to "On Two Wheels" with Adam Kohn and Paul Sowle;  Ed Peterson and Hakim Crampton, JACRAA's "Freedom Forum", Monday June 23;  Pet of the Week with Sue Lovell, Cascades Humane Society.

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